Benefits of Cervical Pillows | Scott Malcolm | Dallas. TX

Benefits of Cervical Pillows | Scott Malcolm | Dallas. TX

Why buy a cervical pillow? Cervical Pillows are designed ergonomically to help support your neck in a proper position while you sleep, while cradling your shoulders, neck and head.   A cervical pillow helps to align your head and neck at the proper angles when you are in a resting position in the bed.  Its important to be aware of that when you sleep on your side or back the angles and spacing between your body and the mattress are very different. This is why its very  important to have a cervical pillow that would rise rise where your neck would be and compress where your head would rest.  Cervical pillows come in all shapes and sizes with most of them being made of memory foam, which helps to accommodate the compressing and decompressing forces necessary to help contour your neck.  This is why you would want to choose a cervical pillow that would provide optimal support and proper ergonomic comfort for a great night’s sleep.

Do you sleep on your side?  If so then you would benefit from a side pillow, neck pillow, or a cervical roll. These types of cervical pillows will help provide you with a strong support in the space between your neck and mattress, while keeping your spine straight and breathing passages opened which may help in alleviating snoring.  They may also reduce any back pain that may be caused by traditional pillows or very soft pillows.

Cradle pillows, cervical indentation pillows, and comfort pillows would be the best for you if you sleep on your back. They tend to be slightly thinner to make sure that the smaller space between your neck and mattress is ergonomically correct.  These pillows are great for keeping your back and spine straight for sleeping while decreasing snoring by keeping your air passages aligned correctly.




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